Home Delivery

You want to get your order delivered to your home?pizza

Of course that’s no problem, here’s a list of some facts.

Why don’t Bingo Pizza deliver to me?

Although we want to deliver to customers who live further away, it is just not possible if the distance affect the quality of the food. Within large Paramaribo delicious Bingo Pizzas can be delivered according the quality we guarantee.


How long will it take?

Usually we have your order within 20 to 30 minutes ready, but at peak times it can take longer. If delivery is expected to take longer than 30 minutes, we will notify the customer in advance.


Will my order stay hot during delivery?

We use hot-containing pizza boxes. We do our best to get the order from the oven to the delivery driver as soon as possible.



All our orders are prepared directly when an order arrives. We prepare our dishes using the best ingredients and a lot of our ingredients are imported from various parts of Italy.



We think we have managed to maintain a high quality of service during the years of our restaurant. We always pay attention to the revision of our methods and listen to our customers in order to keep it that way. Are you not satisfied? Feedback is an essential part of our success; we listen and are not afraid to take action. Please use our feedback form. Write down or the transaction number of your order, we will respond as soon as possible.